Our research programmes provide a beacon of hope for the many children and adults battling Histiocytosis, to ensure this research continues we ask you to pledge your support.

Terms of Reference

The purpose of HiHASC is  

  • To formalise and provide a digital presence for a network of professionals in the UK with a common interest in HLH and hyperinflammation 
  • To ensure diverse medical speciality representation across professionals working with all age groups to enable cross boundary, multi-disciplinary working to improve awareness of HLH 
  • To promote and facilitate formal multidisciplinary group working in regions and across the UK 
  • To raise awareness of HLH and hyperinflammation and facilitate education 
  • To facilitate research and thereby improve the evidence base for HLH 
  • To liaise with medicines regulation agencies to ensure equitable access to relevant medicines to treat HLH 
  • To support Histio UK in providing patient resources and to support advocacy for people with HLH and their families. HiHASC does not have direct patient engagement but the close relationship with Histio UK enables patient perspectives to be key in the HiHASC professional network. 

Your support is vital to ensure that we can continue to deliver our Research and Information Programmes. Thank you.